Go ahead and take that new client. You’ve got this.

You just finished another client shoot. Congratulations! You have a few more clients that would like to get on your schedule, but you already have a backlog of images to edit. Ever been there? Wish you could spend more time shooting and less editing?

“But wait!” You might be saying, “I don’t want to outsource my editing to some bulk image factory filled with people that may be technically proficient, but not artists.”

I get it. So let me introduce myself. I’m the guy peeking at you on the right. My name is Chris and I’m a photographer turned editing nut. When I was doing portrait sessions both in studio and out, I was excited when the shoot was over and the fun part could begin! I am an artist, a photographer, and a software nerd.

“That’s great, but you aren’t me! How can I let you edit my pictures if I want them to be in my style?”

Funny you should bring that up. I love mimicking things. Ever since I was a kid I loved imitating foreign accents and seeing how close to perfect I could get them. Recently I had a British native tell me I could pass in the UK. It’s the same thing with your pictures. I study your style, I use your exact Lightroom presets if you have any favorites, and then I channel you and get to work.

If you’ve always wanted to clone yourself so you could shoot more and edit less, look no further. You’ve found your clone.

Take a look at a few samples of my work here and then click the link in the upper right corner to read about the free trial. When you’re ready, contact me and start your free trial today. Don’t forget to move the slider all the way to the left to see the fully edited image.

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